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Rolling since 2013.

City Player is a professional video production and motion graphic company in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. “Creativity” and “Concept” (2C) are two key components for every video we produce because we insist that every client has an unique business story to tell. We always strive our best to produce video that can enhance the corporate image of our clients; fulfill the commercial needs; solve the problems; and more importantly, communicate the benefits of the products and services to specific group of audience to achieve the ultimate business goals. We keep ourselves growing, together with our clients.

城市玩家是一间位于马来西亚柔佛新山的影视与后期处理公司。 我们主要是向客户推广“创意影视制作”以及如何运用有创意的点子来传达客户的信息。我们总是力求最佳素质的影视制作以提升客户的业务形象;满足商业需求;解决问题;最重要的是提升消费者对该业务产品的认知及产品的信息,以实现企业的最终目标。我们会不断的提升本身的专业同时也提升顾客的专业。



  • To provide professional video production services to our clients, from pre-production, production, and post-production, through final delivery.

  • To enhance the corporate image of our clients effectively.

  • To communicate the business message of our clients to their target audience creatively and strategically. 

  • 我们提供专业的影视服务给于我们的客户。包办所有视频的策划,拍摄直到后期制作,

  • 帮助客户提升企业形象以及传达产品/服务讯息是我们的责任。

  • 透过创意的点子将客户的产品服务以及企业信息有效的呈现给消费者。


We are a group of “players” in the city who passionately love creativity, video production, and music. We enjoy everything we do. Each of us carries different characters with unique capabilities; challenging the norms yet meeting their commercial needs.


Our Clients

Collaboration and trust.

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